The Enhanced yBox

How would I use a yBox?

You can use the yBox for any of your marketing needs. For those of you that need a little inspiration, here's how some of our YMCA partners have used them in the past:

  • Pushing newsletter subscriptions
  • Advertising a Giveaway
  • Boosting a Membership Campaign
  • Focus on a program like Zumba or Swimming Lessons
  • Pre-Register for Camp
  • Announcing a new YMCA location or Program Registration
  • Directing website traffic to your YMCA's POE app

What makes the yBox so great?

  • Flexible content for unlimited options
  • Full-height background to supplement content
  • Mobile responsive and scrollable on small screens
  • Selectable animations for showing the yBox
  • Click through to a specific landing page

yBox Graphical Improvements

We've updated our yBox to include the flexibility of adding varius supporting graphics. Preview below just a few of the image orientation and overlay options you have available to you.