POE System

What is the "POE System"?

POE stands for "Point of Entry". The idea behind this newest addition to the ySite was to create an clear, easy, and effect way for existing and potential members to access information related to Membership Options as well as their Membership Portal.

The YMCA of Memphis used it to go completely paperless! The POE System displays as a tile-based portal that a YMCA can access through a browser and present to incoming customers on a tablet.

Point of Entry System on Tablet

Members vs Non-Members

Existing members can use this system as a portal to access any of their membership documents, update their membership contract, and register for programs.

Potential members use this as a jumping point to sign up for a guest pass, or to register for a variety of membership types.


The POE System was originally designed to be used on a tablet in the facility itself, but was modified to also work dynamically on your website. You can also choose to hide information from the website version, while keeping it active on the tablet display.

We know that YMCAs use many different types of membership systems. With that in mind, we've set up the POE to allow for embedded iFrames on all its pages. This gives the ability to use any membership software in conjunction with the POE System.

What makes the POE System so great?

  • With this tool, you can easily organize your Membership Options
  • The POE System is able to work with any membership software
  • Ability to go paperless
  • Providing all of your membership options & management options to your users, in an easy to understand way.
  • Allows to you manage two areas at the same time. (Your Website & Your Tablets)
  • Save time for your front desk staff and your members - easy to use tablets to get the job done.

Case Study: YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South

Memphis YMCA is our partner Y that helped inspire the conception of the POE System. They implemented the tablet system at the turn of the New Year with a membership push and the results were astounding. They had an influx of 600+ NEW Membership Registrations in a matter of 1 day.


Desktop Demo Tablet Demo