Intranet Options

What is an Intranet?

An Intranet is defined as a private network accessible only to an organization's staff. This allows you to post, shared, and download media that is specific only to your YMCA. Often times these pages are password protected so that the public cannot access them, even if they found the URL.

Why would my YMCA need an Intranet?

Some YMCAs use the Intranet as an employee portal where they can download paperwork, handbooks, and other resources. Others use it as a news outlet for internal news. If you have an idea for how you would like to use your Intranet, let us know and we will help you achieve it!

Check out our list below for more examples:

  • New-Recruit Portal
  • Employee schedules
  • Internal News
  • Points system tracker (assign points to employees based on different "good deeds" they've done)
  • Internal Events

What Intranet options do you offer?

We offer three different packages of Intranet that you can choose from. We categorize these as the "Good", "Better", and "Best" options.

"Good" - Shortcut Link to a Hidden Page

We create a single page on your ySite that we hide from Google, crawlers, and your site search so that the public has no way of search for it. We then help you create a shortcut link to this page so that your team can easily access it. This page is not password protected, so if a public user somehow acquires the shortcut link, they will have access to the content.

"Better" - Password Protected Pages on your ySite

With this packages, you have the option to add as many pages to your Intranet as you like. These pages will all be password protected, so a public facing user will never be able to access the content. You will have a username and password that you create to pass out to all your employees. Using these credentials, they can access the password protected pages at any time.

"Best" - Password Protected Server with Custom Modules

This package is an entirely different server with an entirely different URL. The entire URL is password protected, so no one can access the content without a username and password. The "Best" option gives you access to custom modules such as news, events, blog, or anything else you dream up to be a part of your Intranet. You also have the ability to create multiple usernames and passwords so that each employee can have a different login. Optionally, you can also give different categories of employees different levels of access to the intranet. For example, a Manager might have access to all pages, while a Staff Member might only have access to the new.