Annual Reports

What makes the Annual Reports module so great?

  • No more printing costs.
  • No more design fees.
  • No more postage costs.
  • Archived online for as long as you like.
  • This module works as an add-on to existing ySites or as a stand-alone for other YMCA websites.
  • Add as many or as few sections as you like.
  • Easily show/hide or reorder sections anytime.
  • You are limited only by your imagination. 

How would I use the Annual Reports module?

The Annual Report Module replaces the need (and expense) of designing annual reports, printing annual reports and mailing annual reports. Your Annual Report is now a web page on your website which you can send out via a simple email! 

Drag & Drop Reordering

Since it is built using drag and drop content sections, you can design your report online adding and subtracting layers of content as you see fit. You can also change the order of the sections by dragging them into the order you prefer. The ySite Annual Report module is designed to be flexible enough to work for any YMCA Annual Report. 

Drag & Drop sections with ease to reorder

Hide & Show Sections

You can easily hide sections you no longer want in the Annual Report. Perhaps you want to make edits to a new section before you make it public, just keep it hidden until you are ready to show it!

 Show and Hide sections with ease



Annual Report Demo

The demo Annual Report is currently sectioned off as nine independent sections:
Header, Menu, Sideshow, Accordion, Profiles, Parallax, Three Column Slideshow, Statistics and Thank You.

You can mix and match these sections as you build your story, using as many as you want - and you can add new sections as well. The default settings are just a starting point.

Header Example:

Menu & Single Column Slideshow Example:

Expand/Collapse Content Example:

You can utilize the built-in Accordion functionality to expand and collapse content for any section you want. One of the most common uses for this is to build an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Expand and collapse content accordion style very easily

Profile Section Example:

The Profiles Section allows you to highlight key executives, employees or donors:

Three Column Slideshow Example:

For additional versatility, we have also designed a Three Column Slideshow that allows you to display multiple messages in the same section.

Stats Example:

As part of your storytelling, the Statistics section allows you to identify a series of items that you want to draw attention to - the number of volunteers who helped out this year, the number of children served, the number of swim lessons completed - you are only limited by your imagination!



Interested in learning more about the Annual Reports module?

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